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Tasmiyah is a name given to a lovely girl. A Tasmiyah is usually an unforgettable and remarkable person. Tasmiyah’s have good reputations and overall high standards. A Tasmiyah is known to be very astonishing , merciful , respectful, grateful , aspiring , hard working etc. A Tasmiyah is raised well

if you do know a Tasmiyah , you’re so lucky. Keep her in your life. She’s one of a kind.
Person 1 :“ hey , is Tasmiyah at school today?”
Person 2:“No , I don’t think so”
Person 1 :“Oh man , school feels different without her. Tasmiyah is like the definition of incredible ,and she’s not only funny , but smart and polite too”
Person 2:“I miss her already, she radiates such positive energy
by . Bravo June 14, 2018
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