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The teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 who live in town and never miss a local gig, and thrive on the metal scene. They often have a dress code that consists of band T-shirts that they may never of heard of (eg. the ramones), often matching flannies, messed up 'grunge' hair, skinny or ripped jeans, and of course converse. They're attitudes are very poser, and often with the motto 'if you don't look like us you ain't hardcore'. They love sitting in franklin square, smoking and giving dirty looks. As I said before, they love local gigs whether they know the bands or not, because we are so musically starved in Tasmania. They're are also emos that hang around and group together, but they usually only attend when bands like 'circle of blood' are playing.
Tasmanian Music Scenesters are a vast majority of the teenagers who have made town thier home.

Flannie girl: Omg, like I got sooooo smashed on the weekend in frankie, it was AWESOME, I was like spewing everywhere!!
Flannie mate: Like, cool. Did you see the lead singer of that band?? Omg, he was soooo hot!! I like stole his shoes and he though it was sooooo funny! Hey do you like my hair today?
Flannie girl: Yeah, it's soo totally grunge!!
by GubGub October 17, 2007
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