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Tashtinencia made the top 10 deadly diseases in Q1 2012, it was first then that doctors could actually find a pattern of the disease.
Scientists claim that it is far worse than Ishemic Heart Disease, Cerebrovascular Disease and Lower Respiratory Infections put all together, since it affects all of those areas + more.

It has been told that once you have been affected by it, you may never go back to normal again.
At the moment, the only known treatments continuously injecting doses of itself into the human body.
Although that is not a cure itself, it is a start, says Doctor Victor (self made Doctor at the Special Clinic of All Acceptance)

Till this date, there is no known cure, only Victor can fix it.
Daaamn, the Tashtinencia is killing me, the man said while taking his whole glass of whiskey down in one gulp.

If my Tashtinencia won't calm down, I might need to go to Dr Victor and make him fix me up.
by RalfEyes May 29, 2013
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