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A Tash Rash is something that can only be performed by someone named 'Tash' or 'Tasj'
It's one of the greatest honours to bestowed upon anyone, and can be taken away on a whim. If a 'Tash' is tired of you- you will be left to live life without the rash you once enjoyed.

Tash Rash will be revoked if you 1) Don't like the movie Hotrod 2) If you're the ultimate fuckboy or 3) Your personality is cracker- lacking. (Get your shit together rn basically)
Fuckboy: "Hey fine slice lol haven't heard from you in a while lol , missing the daily Tash Rash lol we should hang out lol "

Tash: *reads message*
by Twinkletash September 11, 2016
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