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Male who is very strong handsome and classy. Someone you can trust with everything,and count on to be there for you no matter what. This person will have your back through everything as long as you are honest to them and treat them right. They can be affectionate towards anyone they are in a relationship with, and will always try to keep their significant other happy. He will open the door, call you beautiful, protect you,and be a true gentleman. He's big on respect if you don't respect his loved ones he wants nothing to do with you. You will notice he has a smart mouth and will know exactly how to push your buttons, but at the end of the day he's all you want. He's handsome And at times you'll catch yourself lost in his beautiful eyes. He has some funny pet peeves like saying k and ok he only likes Okay*. Never ask wyd you have to actually type it out,and never say night it's good night.
by SHope June 27, 2015
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