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Taranchila, Taranchilaz or Taranchila Boyz - A well known gang within the south east region of London UK who operate using military tactics and strategy. They are believed to be the most advanced vigilante gang within London for their use of state of the art technological equipments as well as weapons. Taranchila Boyz are known as one of the many vigilantes within the London region who are famous for their intolerant views on crime and agressive attitude towards gangsters and drug dealers as well as public disorder. Taranchila Boyz first became the attention of the media after police found a dead man laying on his bed with a letter underneath his body. The dead man was apparently a known druglord from Chingford who was arrested before but released on bail. At present, Taranchilla Boyz are quite secretive and hard to spot from the general public. The gang consists of many leaders who are known as 'generals' to allow every leader to specialise and gain control of a specific sector or location in London. The three main generals (leaders) as published by the Evening Standard Newspaper are: Ice Breaker (Walthamstow Region), Kai (Croydon Region) and Nax Phoenix (Ilford and East Ham Region). These are not their real names but street nicknames as told by the newspaper. Many other leaders have not yet been revealed or even so discovered and the Metropolitan Police are treating 'Taranchila Boyz' as a threat to the nation.
Example 1: (if a civilian is trying or is preventing a fight or crime) This guy / girl is a Taranchilaz blud!
by G-Research August 12, 2006
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