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Tap Jap tap-jap

1. A person of Japanese decent who is proud of their cultural heritage
2. A person of Japanese decent who is humble and open-minded, in a sea of arrogance and ignorance
3. A person who has the balls to fly a Mitsubishi Zero through the deck of a US aircraft carrier
4. A gangsta ass Samurai, Ronin, or Ninja
"Nigga your my tap jap."
"I'm a tap jap Biatch!"
"Tap japs for life homie. Fuck all these fake ass crackers."
"Japs are inferior yellow monkeys." -Uncle Sam "Bitch please. We tap japs go out blastin, takin our enemies with us and if not, they scarred, so they will never forget us. " -Hirohito
by A Tap Jap June 29, 2013
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