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The rarly used and extremely difficult opposite of the "Bag it and tap it" method. It involves a kamikazee land shark attempt by the male to the unknowning female, which might only be possible if the girl is wearing a short skirt. While it is hard to even get the "tap", to follow through with the "bag" you need a girl that will go along with you shoving your cock into her without her permission. Basically there needs to be the sluttiest girl in the world in your vacinity.

1. Male unzips fly, whips out hard cock
2. Male scans room for skank with short skirt
3. Male runs at said skank with force, cock pointing straight out aka Kamikazee Land Shark
4. If tap is successful and skank enjoys the extreme violation of her Vajj, then she has been bagged.
Dude Guy Jim: "Hey check out that hoe bag with the super short skirt!"

Dude Guy Chauncy: "Man I got no chance with that piece of ass"

Dude Guy Jim: "Yeah your right, it looks like the only chance you got is to tap it and bag it."

Dude Guy Chauncy: "Shit my zipper is stuck!"
by Cakopher August 20, 2006
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