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She is a tiny and sweet girl who you can never be mad at. And if you do manage to be mad at her it won't be for long. She is just pure and adorable. She is loved by a lot of the teachers at her school as well as other students who she interacts with. She has a heart of gold if the gold was pink and sparkly and shaped like a kitten. Her smile can warm the coldest of people and whenever you're having a bad day all it'll take is that soft and sweet little voice that speaks to you and you'll be smiling like you just walked into a pet store with puppies and kittens galore. However she does need to speak up sometimes because she tends to talk too softly. Aside from that she is really smart but can use a little help from time to time. She's like the little sister that you'd kill anyone who would dare hurt her. And she will give you every reason to be proud to call her your friend.
I will protect Tanzifa if it's the last thing I do.
by Jay_ARLS June 05, 2018
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