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1) A person or persons (plural:tanyakayes) that are as of yet unknown to you. Describes non-familiarity in another human being.

2) Someone with a certain mystique or unfathamable nature.

tanyakaye can be written capitalised 'Tanyakaye' or non-capitalised 'tanyakaye.' Both of these are correct in any context (with the obvious exception of the start of a sentence.) Watch out for the Rogue spelling which omits the 'e' (tanyakay.) This is incorrect and completely unrelated.
1) 'Man, I got so drunk last night, woke up this morning next to a total tanyakaye'

1i) 'how was the party?'
'lame dude. Didn't know anyone, just a whole house of tanyakayes'

2) 'That girl's really got something to her. I can't work her out. She's a bit of tanyakaye character.'
by Chris Over March 03, 2008
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