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Helping others through the manipulation of ones mind, and showing through hypnosis how we can distort reality for others, without them hurting themselves on what they cannot Produce for themselves. Staightening the spine with flowing hands and constant eye contact will embrace the feeling of oneness without distorting the others mind when they are unaware of a change that needs to occur in their life. If the individual is unable to push through the nievety of others passed through learning from others and accepting the frequency of learning they must undergone for themselves the process will cease to confine until the research using all available resoures surrounding themselves it will take more growth without any outside influences except nature and what you can see clearly for yourself that ones own inner mind can awaken itself to this possibility. In this state one must be alone within their own mind to manifest the belief in there own ability to change. It is the end of the cycle for human growth but the beginning of the transformation of one's mind.
Tantrictransmutilationtherapy will not do for others what it can show yourself, you must learn to scare those unwilling to undergoe the process of seeking knowledge for themselves so that yourself can see what others believe in themselves to be true which is infinite, once entropy has entered the equation. Tantrictransmutilatherapy is the chaos for yourself to be observed by others in order to except themselves.
by Spirit4lifeDMT October 22, 2017
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