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1. A person, usually in the pale variety, achieves a tan (artificial or natural)over any given period of time that merits a positive announcement of the occurrence.
"Tansexual" is used to express the realization of a not-so-attractive pale person looks a lot better with a tan.

2. The wrong way to spell "transsexual". This can happen when you type and or write the word too fast, for whatever reason.
1. "Damn, look at this picture of Cindy last winter."
"She used to be that pale? Gross"
"Yeah but look at her now, after she went to Florida for a week, she is so fine.
"Talk about a tansexual."

2. Billy_Bob210: 2day in town i saw a tansexual
Jimmybee501 : wtf r u talkin about?
Billy_Bob210: oops, i mean transsexual
Jimmybee501 : sick
by Knight D April 10, 2007
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