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mostly always seen with a chartan. A freckly extroverted creature of the beach. mostly seen at cheecky monkeys dancing to barbra striesand and eating kababs. likes to jump into photos at the last minute and cause an indescribable blur of annoyingness. takes great delight in protecting a chartan un-tanned skin by covering her whenever there is uv light. this creature is happy 99.9% of the time. enjoys talking to people (especially a chartan) just as they are drifting of to sleep and forcing them to stay awake.. they also enjoy jumping on you and forcing you not to sleep... but can continue to do this s tanrielles are very lovable and cut creatures.
A: hmmm i really wish this photo wasnt so perfect and clear??.. i wish all these photos ive been taking had some crazied loon jumping into them!

by i am chartan May 30, 2011
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