A girl who despite her name (some may think is ghetto) is a smart, ambitious, friendly, caring, and a beautiful girl with a great sense of humor. She tends to put others before herself, she is a great friend and a great listener. However she has short patience for ignorance and stupidity. She likes to try new things, loves to laugh and have fun. If a guy does her wrong, she will kick him to the curb quickly. She doesn't hold grudges against her friends or family, she will forgive you but will never forget. Overall, this gorgeous girl with the petite frame is someone you would be lucky to have as a friend and even luckier to have as a girlfriend or wife.
Taniqua is so pretty, not to mention she is so smart, her determination has lead her to a great career. She has beauty and brains.
by datNYchic December 19, 2012
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