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A Tango Wolf is the breed of woman that has decided that being Orange is sexy and looks as natural as if they had been holidaying on a warm Spanish island for 4 months.

The kind of woman that bathes in fake tan, has her hair died either jet black or white blonde, and wears hiddeous eye make up (usually very dark) in the hope of covering up their underlying averageness.

This is particularly bad when not even applied correctly leaving them with an orange "zebra" style pattern over their legs and arms.

A tell - tale sign of a Tango Wolf is the fact that her palms are the same colour as a Sainsburys carrier bag. (Also check for where it has been applied unevenly on the face, and where it has been rubbed into the hair...nice!!)
Dan: "Ergh, did you see that Tango Wolf?"

Larry: "No, what did she look like?"

Dan: "She looked like Jordan, but uglier"
by daniel_son August 27, 2009
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