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Describes someone who is small and weak, but who always tries to be cool and strong. The "z" in the word "Tamzie" was put there because these people felt that "z" makes things sound cooler. They tend to be nerds who study all the time and post hate comments. They even stalk who is online and who is not, and makes a chart about it to see if they are being out-casted.
John: Dude, why are you scrolling through the chat?
Tom: I want to see if Jane is blocking me on chat, I even got my bestfriend Michael to help me check on her online!
John: You are officially a Tamzie.

Friend 1: Dude, check out my muscles! I'm big!
Friend 2: Dude, you're tiny...
Friend 3: Don't care about him, he's just being a Tamzie.

Look at that bunch of Tamzies!!!
by Hades123 July 11, 2013
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Tamzie is a very nice and loving person. She’s very pretty and is funny especially at school. She cares a lot about her family and Friends. Tamzie is very smart and is in a mid-popular group. Tamzie has lots of friends in all age ranges.
Tamzie is a very funny and pretty person
by Kattylen May 18, 2018
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