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Tamyah is an athletic girl who is friends with mostly guys, but with an exception of a few girls. Tamyah is a smart beautiful woman who will kick your ass when needed, but will still be professional. She may seem innocent but her mind isn't in the right place when it's supposed to be. When describing what you get from a Tamyah is should include 'death stare' and 'laughs'. All of her parts are in the right place and her hair is long, but sometimes short. Her booty is amazing, and so is her face. Don't start a fight with a Tamyah, because you and your ego will seriously be hurt.
Girl #1: OMG Tamyah is so cute today!
Girl #2: I wouldn't bet on it. Only my grandmother dresses in an orange tracksuit. And that's for her YOGA classes.
Tamyah: Clearly you haven't looked in the mirror lately, not that you should want to. And if I were you, I wouldn't either.
by cornholiustrackerus May 15, 2018
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A really nice girl , who is friends with everyone. She plays sports and is hella fine. Tamyah loves all her friends and her Best friends. Her friends always wanna chill exspecaly the guys ;)
Boy #1: Did u see that fine girl ?
Boy #2: No but u must be talking a out tamyah
by Ta-me-ya December 17, 2017
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