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Tammy Turtle is the human form of Stargirl (from the book by Jerry Spinelli). Her true nature is not as obvious as her outlandish clothing and free-spirited remarks on life and its hypocricies. Her clothing looks as if she fell into a dark closet and crawled out without caring to look in the mirror. This girl is not the prettiest gal you will cross in your life, but her endearing qualities (either her smile, eyes, hands, mind,) will cause you to do a double take. Just like in the book, once you let her go, you may never find her again.
Jordan: check out Tammy Turtle over there, would you believe what she is wearing?

Kate: I wish I that I could do some of the things that a Tammy Turtle does, but I don't think dressing like that will work for me.
by Foe81 February 03, 2010
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