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Double-Entendre meaning: 1. The massive Dravidian Glans Penis itself, or the visible toe-sized protuberance it forms against the fabric of lower garments; or 2. Digit on a Dravidian foot.

Due to Allen's Rule in biology, the erect Dravidian Penis is frequently 1 foot long. Hence, the head itself is often the size of a big toe, & the shaft nears the length of the rest of the foot. Due to this resemblance in size & shape, the Dravidian glans is known as "Tamil Toe".

Moreover, as this glans retains much of its size & hardness when quiescent, a large bulge is often formed in the groin region of clothed Dravidian men. This protrusion is also referred to as "Tamil Toe". In contrast, there is no "Aryan Toe" as the Aryan Penis retracts to a ridiculously small size & a totally soft state when quiescent.

This term has a hoary history, alluding to a Ramayanic legend, preserved in heterodox & non-Aryan versions, where Sita draws, not the foot, but the Big Toe of Ravana. Thus, in a Telugu Womens' Version, "Even Sita's chastity is open to doubt: the picture episode suggests that Sita harbors a hidden desire to sleep with Ravana, her drawing of Ravana's big toe making veiled reference to his sex organ." ('A Ramayana of their own: Women's oral tradition in Telugu'. Velcheru Narayana Rao. In 'Many Ramayanas: The Diversity of a Narrative Tradition in South Asia'. ed. Paula Richman. pt.2, art.6, pp. 114-36. Berkeley: Univ of California Press, 1991, p.129)
1) Mehnaz: Chalo (come)! Let us go to the Madrasi Mohalla (Madrasi Neighbourhood) - I want to see some Tamil Toe!
Shilpa: Good idea - it makes me so garam (hot)!

2) Sheikh Chilli (pumping in & out of his Bibi): By Allah, you are so garam tonight! Since when did my little pale Ganga Keera (Ganges Worm) excite you this much ?
Sheikha: It doesn't! A Maha Kala (big black) Shudra Goonda (Sudra goon) passed me on the street, & he had a wonderful Tamil Toe! That's what has me so excited!

3) Burra Miyan: Yesterday my five-year old bachi (girl child) was running around in the bazaar & banged into a Madrasi & his Tamil Toe. When she turned around, she had a black eye.
Chota Miyan: Haha, she's already learned the facts of life! And looks like she will have a black baby some day too!

4) It was the Durbar (congregation) of the Shah of Bengal, Nawazish hight. During the proceedings, he noticed that his Bibi (wife), Ghasiti Begum the Shah-Banu (Queen) of Bengal, was obviously ogling Kuli, the muscular black Shudra General of the Lashkar (army). He was about to reprimand her when he saw that she was staring at his massive Tamil Toe. Realizing that his Aryan Penis was, when fully erect, only the size of Kuli's Shudra Glans, he felt his organ shrivel up inside his pyjamas & his throat go dry as his manhood slipped away.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza December 25, 2010
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A revealing area seen in a tight pair of slacks which reveal one's Tamil ancestry.
I was in Northern Sri Lanka recently, but I felt safe since our guide had Tamil Toe.
by BJKing February 14, 2009
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The Sri Lankan equivalent of the Camel Toe (or Male Moose Knuckle) Often occurs in prolonged periods in the jungle, freedom fighting.

Rarely seen in India and is known as the Hindi Hoof.
Hey Bala! Fix yourself, you gots the Tamil-Toe.
by David Kennedy May 21, 2008
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