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An insult used to express idiocy, retardation, or plain stupidity. The meaning of the word isn't quite defined, because it often changes. A simple way to find out is to google-search the word and pick a random link. For example, one day the definition was an 'ancient retarded Tibetan horse', however the next it was a 'giant manta ray offering IT support and also acting as a personal injury solicitor'.

To be called a tamgi is generally considered offensive.

It is often noted that the word tamgi originated in Southern England.
"I can't believe that dude crashed into my car!"
"Yeah, what a tamgi,"

Or often used to ask someone to be quiet.

"So I was playing runescape last night, and I totally owned this n00b and then I cut down a tree but was like totally killed and-"

"Shut up, tamgi!"
by JamsterOwnedYou October 28, 2009
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