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n. tally

1.A sharp blow made with the tally; a wang smack, dong slap.

2.A slap to the tally.

v. tallyslapped, tallyslapping, tallyslaps

1. To strike with a tally.
2. To cause to strike sharply and loudly with a tally: “He swung his hip violently and tallyslapped him in the eye.”
3. To put or place quickly or carelessly with the tally: tallyslapped butter on a bagel.
4. To recieve a slap to the tally.

n. Vulgar Slang

1. Used as an insult; "You dirty tallyslap!"


1. A highly advanced stage, or "digivolved" version, of gonorrhea.

2. A type three stage of the clap resulting in the falling off of the everything; (1)The Clap. (2) The Tallyclap. (3) Tallyslap.
He was left with a dark red mushroom mark on his cheek after recieving the harshest tallyslap of his life.
by Yamazaki Susumu March 31, 2005
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