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A Deansian'a's language term for the English meaning of douchebaggery. this word is used manly by young punks and Sadu'va's, as the wording can be used as a street slang when used on politicians or the police.

The word is know for being subjected to the user when used in a direct conversation, but used as to call someone, even if they didn't address 'them' before using the word.
The new law on those gang fights will stop the Talivunsh'a from spreading through the city.
at school today, i set some fire crackers under the toilet, i'm such a Talivunsh'a.
(Deansian'a Usage) Falik tashi'nu, kalisho yol gnahgkia mun Rajaht Talivunsh'a.
by Wehrmacht's Spine January 12, 2017
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