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1).A great man who is kind, honest, like to respect and get respected, who can be your best friend or your worst enemy.
2).A guy who have $ex all the time and every girl like, and people who look for his name in Google are a$.s-hole eaters.

See also "The Tal"
Have a good day!
One hot girl saying to her hot girlfriend:
"OMFG! This guy is soooo Tal Lahat I wanna sh/-\g him all night and day."
The Girlfriend:
I saw him first, he is my man! MINE, f(_)ck off!"
Tal Lahat:
"No need to fight over me, you can both have me… but only at the same time."
Both of the girls:
"Yeay lets call all our hot girlfriends and make an 0rgy out of it!!!"
by Shon-123 November 04, 2006
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