Indicates taking a short break or a rest for five minutes or maybe a little while longer.
Ok guys, take 5 and then we'll be back to finish up the work in the living room.
by Fadmeister December 17, 2013
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Yo whaddup dawg, do you wanna
take 5 with me? I got it from the plug this morning
by Hustlez March 6, 2014
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When a group of teenagers plan to "kidnap" a boyband. Its based on the movie Taking 5 where two teenagers are crazy over a boyband and kidnap them. (Daniella Monet is in this movie) Usually the kidnapping that is planned is a fake plan.
"Hey we should pull a taking 5! after the One Dirction Concert"
"Yea! Lets do it! And lets watch the movie before too!"
by Larsmarsbars July 5, 2012
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