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1. When a second or third attempt at a relationship with an ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend ends in marriage.

2. When a friend stops having one night stands or flings because of an ExHit, they are considered to have 'Taken the ExHit', in line with 'another one bites the dust'.

3. Refers to leaving the singles highway and 'taking the exit' to suburbia and married life.

4. ExHit; "Hittin' that!" or going back for more with an ex.
Mate 1: Did you hear? My bro has taken the ExHit.
Mate 2: Shit! Really! I thought that was all over??
Mate 1: Well. She was something else!

GF1: You're what! You are going for the ExHit....again!?!
GF2: Yeah, I really think he's decent...not like that last wanker.
GF1: Hun, you better be sure this time, you can't keep on ExHit-ing.
by Belilarf January 19, 2013
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