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Coin phrasing for stepping back and evaluating a situation.
"Sir, before you full steam this boat, consider taking this back a tac. At full speed the damage will be terminal!"

After careful consideration, the editor decided to ask the proposal writer to take things back a tac when character amounts were on overload.

"B, I know you're realin' but, take this back a tac! There may be more happening here than subject realization. A phone call would have sufficed. IDK, . . .Maybe even hittin' up some shows or game day. I don't know whether to hug em or find a 5lb fresh water fish while screaming 'flopadop,' for going overboard. Whenever y'all figure it out, Lemme know!"

Jody: If you love her man, take this back a tac. Tell her! She didn't know about it and that's not fare to any of you. You need BFA? Tell her!
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