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sweet,kind, and loving person that goes out of her way to help people. though known for their small tempers they are very smart people.pretty much the perfect person
by gigidyshvogen August 30, 2011
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They are short girls who are often very curvy and are especially gifted with a big booty. They are sometimes perceived to be over confident but they just like to encourage themselves. They trust too many people and almost everyone knows their secrets. They are fools for love and can do the craziest things. It takes a while for them to find love and when that happens their self esteem becomes lower and they begin to doubt themselves. They often have big personalities and as very sassy even when it's not necessary. They are the worst flirters in the world. They often like tall slim athletic boys. when they like someone they get very attached and find it hard to let go. Taibat's are one of he strongest people you'll ever meet , they go through a lot of struggle especially with boys but are still able to pull through.
Look at that booty!!!!!!
She's such a Taibat
by I'mnotyourbitch March 22, 2017
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