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Tahanto is the definition of a rich white kid school. Everyone there got a iPhone 10+ and there little airpods. All these white girls be tryin to show off their “curves” but they just look like a hoe like let’s be honest. If you have your Dunkin or Starbucks with you they finna SISTER SNATCH that. It’s hard to listen to my music in my airpods without getting yelled at. If I be wearing a no shoulder top “DRESS CODE” that’s distracting I guess..
Tahanto is annoyingggg
by Skittles194 April 16, 2019
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Tahanto has some of the most fake bitches you will ever see... we also have a high VSCO girl population sadly.. we Have a no-gum rule which is bullshit. You really think kids follow that because they don’t retards. Some of the girls r straight up thots they like to wear shorts up their ass to show off but they really looks like a wall. Just don’t go to tahanto and you’re all set
Tahanto is soooo boring
by Skittles194 October 06, 2019
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