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When a friend on facebook wants to talk to you Via Status by tagging you in a status, a variant of wall-posting, most people find this kind to be very annoying and almost immediately untag themselves. Normally the post will be in what kids call "text talk" meaning it may go like this "AYYYY @JOHN WALL B SP3N1N THE N1GHT NIQQA!" It may even get worse, because we all know the black population forgot how to type English.
@Genericname, y dont u spend tha nite 2day? as' ur rents if can

*untags*, chats friend *no, I don't want to, because I have something to do in the morning, if you need to talk to me, chat me."

lol ok durr mang

this is a Tag/ Spam post
by sickoftexttalk May 14, 2011
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