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A tag epidemic usually occurs on Facebook. What happens is, a person will tag a lot of other people on a photo and then the people tagged also tag more people. What ends up happening is that more and more people are tagged and leave comments on the photos that turn to full conversations between 30 people, which in turn leaves many, many notifications to check, and clogged email. A recent picture has been a cartoon picture with names describing a trait of your friends and tells you to tag others. Has been known to cause severe frustration, telling people to shut up or stop commenting, and untagging. It has also been known to be a cyber disease. They may also cause your email inbox to look like spam.
Guy 1- "Dude, that new picture is a helluva tag epidemic. I went home to go on Facebook and I had 178 notifications! All about one picture! People were even talking about the tag epidemic on the photo."

Guy 2- "Luckily I got only 56 notifications"
by XavierCG March 04, 2009
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