noun; a school for wannabe gangbangers, dropouts, drug addicts, and hoes. your parents only let you go there because of the IB program. lit ass hoco though. OH and also the security guards stay sniffing you out for any drugs with the metal detectors up all the time.
Person A: hey, what school do you go to?
Person B: no where special, just Taft High School.
by nahfamimanon September 17, 2019
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The best and worst school in Chicago. There’s no rules here and the freshman academy gets so lit. Varsity campus too tho. Fire hoco. Imdontai reacted to a video from it.
random: “what school do you go to”
me: “taft high school
them: “ew” *blocks*
by icantsay November 12, 2021
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