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A Tafflyn is a beautiful, hard working, stunning lady. She never gets enough of what she should e.g. Money, love, and credit. Only few can see her true self, what she's hiding inside.

Taff/Tafflyn is a Welsh name. Taff's are very unique and loving, always looking out for their loved ones.

Tafflyn's have feeling too, even if they do look like mythical angels because of their dazzling beauty and gorgeous heart, they're humans like us. You all need to respect that, because Tafflyn's are 1 in a million.

And I know, so you should too:)
Girl: You're sister is beautiful, it was startling!
Boy: She's a Tafflyn, she's always been gorgeous to me:)
by WalkingDictionary<3 October 19, 2014
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