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A martial art developed by monks in Japwn, it is based on the use of the element Pwntassium (also known as midichlorians a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away) and weapwns to achieve extremely l33tness.

After the age of Al Capwn (the use of Tommy Guns in the 20's for drive-by assassination) German scientists discovered Pwntassium, and used it in the creation of Pwn Fu, comparable to Gun-Kata, and it was later used to create super soldiers capable of killing Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel ran over the scientists and stole the element Pwntassium to achieve better acceleration in illegal street racing. Later, when crossing the finish line he created the expression "Pwntastic".

The Japwnese Monks understood the real power of Pwntassium, and developed Tae Pwn Do to defend their country from their pwntagonists, the Noobsville Army.
Tae Pwn Do is the best martial art in the world... But you need Pwntassium to use it, so even a drunken scotish cyclops could take you out...
by ElPatronPT September 27, 2009
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