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1. What you call the activity any time you have sexual acts with someone after having tacos. Usually, going in you know youre going to do this, but tacos and bang can also be claimed retroactively upon discovering this is what you did essentially.
2. When you hookup with a person, knowing they will get slutty for tacos.
3. The name of the activity of having tacos then banging, having oral/anal sex or doing any other kinky sexual things you have planned, post-tacos.
Bro 1: Dude, did you hook up with Becky on your big date last night?
Bro 2: Yeah, dude. We were just gonna do food and talk so I took her to this taco place and she was so happy I got her tacos. After that we headed back to her place and hooked up real quick. 😏
Bro 1: Dude! That's amazing! I've never actually heard of anyone pulling off Tacos and Bang in real life!
Bro 2: yeah, dude. Tacos and Bang; It's a thing 😏

Boyfriend: hey, Babe. What do you want to do tonight? (Activity)?

Girlfriend: Nah, babe. Im not feeling like doing much tonight. Just hungry and horny. I'm thinking Tacos and Bang. 😊
Boyfriend: Sweet! Sounds good to me. You're the perfect girlfriend. ☺❤💜

Girl: Whats youre idea of a perfect date? Walk on the beach? Painting class? Concert?
Guy: Why does everything have to be such a big production these days? Why can't a perfect date just be something like Tacos and Bang?
Girl: OMG! I think I'm wet right right now! You don't know this about me, but I get slutty for tacos. I love them so much! Get me tacos and i will do this Tacos and Bang you speak of.
Guy: 😏 Another win for Tacos and Bang!

(Works every time...)
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by RedheadsFTW June 26, 2016
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