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1. To add taco-like paraphernalia to the top of a taco pizza. (examples: tomatoes, lettuce, nacho chips etc...)

2. When you're at it with a chick, you take a dump on her chest (re-fried beans), add pubic hair (shredded cheese), some period blood (taco sauce), and then proceed to top it all off with your own special sauce (sour cream)The procedure is an exact replication of the"Cleveland steamer" This is all done in a manner consistent with the"chilli dog" as well, except that it requires more ingredients and a stronger stomach.
B: "hey man...the other night I was with this freaky chick and she wanted me to give her the taco top..."

P: "Really? I would have been like "sure" until she explained that she had extra "sauce" this time...freakin sick."
by fillplowchewbracca May 09, 2012
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