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The Taco Beam is the finalization of years of training and working at fast food restaurants such as 'Del Taco' and 'Taco Bell'. Utilizing the enfamous Taco food and a persons' own Chakra or Chi, one can become empowered by the tasty food and produce a beam of light that some consider to be stronger than the Hadouken produced by Master Ken or Ryu.

Legend has it that the Taco Beam was accidently created when a counter assistant, coming back on after his break of eating Tacos, prevented an attempted robbery by producing a Taco Beam in self defence.
After concentrating an appropriate amount of Chakra and Taco tastyness, TT for short. Shout out the below sacred words while forcing both your Chakra and TT into each hand. Mix them both in the void between your palms as you thrust your arms out straight in front of your intended target.

"Taaaak-Cooooooo, Beeeeeeaaaammmmm!"

If done correctly a Taco Beam will be produced; may god have mercy on what ever your target was.
by John-Michael Lewis June 11, 2006
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