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A taco baco is the act of shitting on one's chest and face and then folding their body in half. There are many ways to perform this act but the New Jersey variant is to lay on the floor with your feet against a wall and then slide your legs up it so that you are now resting on your upper back. You then swing your legs over your head and move your genitals out of the way so that the shit coming out of your ass can land on your chest. It is only a taco baco when your body folds onto itself after the act is performed. You get extra points if your spine breaks in the taco making process.
Dude man: Bro, why are you in the hospital for the sixth time this month? It's only the 18th of July.
Me: I was performing a Taco Baco
Dude man: Ah, that's understandable
by MinecraftBfandGf September 28, 2019
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