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Math questions on race, religion, sex, or local politics set by a teacher in multiracial Singapore that would likely get him fined, fired, or even flogged.
Some taboo math questions whose answers have yet to be officially confirmed are:
a) There is an inverse relationship between regulated prostitution in Singapore and the demand for mistresses (or "second wives").
b) The number of Muslim Singaporeans converting to Christianity has been on the rise in the last decade.
c) The rate of extramarital affairs among the different races in Singapore is highest among the Malays or Muslims.
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by MathPlus June 12, 2017
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Infusing some adult themes in the teaching of math to arouse the interest of uninterested or mathophobic students—to make some otherwise dry topics interesting and exciting.
Mr. Ian titles his taboo math topic on Curve Sketching, “The Seduction of Curves,” and parrots things like “Your tan line is showing!” “Asymptotes who can get closer and closer but will never be together,” and “Tangent lines who met once and then parted forever.”
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by MathPlus May 20, 2018
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