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This occurs when you order the most expensive items to eat and drink for yourself when dining with friends who will spilt the bill evenly. You benefit when the bill is split evenly among the diners by paying less than the cost of your dinner while others pay more than the cost of their dinner.
You order the caviar appetizer, the steak, lobster and fois gras and a dessert which costs $75 in total, when your 3 friends order cheaper items that total $40 each. When you split the the bill ($75+$40+$40+$40=$195/ 4 people = $48.75) you pay 48.75 for your meal that cost $75, and your other guests pay more for their food than it should have cost. Jerry used table leverage by eating like a king and making his vegan friends pay for it.
by Romey M October 29, 2010
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