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Abandoned or unattended moderately consumed beers sitting on a table in a pub that one consumes to makes for a cheap night out, though usually results in herpies or the odd roofie. There is a fabled fraternity that lives by this...

One could even gather a few table beers and pour into one glass for a more rich and full filling taste..
Goes very well with the shoey.
“Hey cunt your shout!”
“I’m broke...table beers?”
Fuck oath! “
by AlcoholFueledBrewtality August 10, 2018
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A single beer your table orders to split even though you had all finished your drinks and got the check but that one jackass friend who is late to everything actually showed up, got a full beer, and sat down.
He's seriously getting a beer? Fuck, looks like everyone's getting a fifth of a table beer tonight.
by Mr. Jamen, Esq. October 22, 2011
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