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To do a Carz is to chicken out, or drop out of something. Like if you are going to the dentist, and you find out you have to take anesthesia, you chicken out, then you have "Taken a Carz". This expression comes from when a 16 year old boy, whose nickname was carz, dropped out of school the first year of high school (vidaregåande).
"I was going to become a Millionare. But I decided to drop out of school because I'm so lazy. So now I will become a fat ugly pedophile and live with my parents for the rest of my life."

"Oh, you did a Carz."/"Du tok ein Carz."

"Eg er Carz, å feige ut er min hobby, eg likar og Ta ein Carz"
by Jonss November 14, 2011
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