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1) similar in nature to Trash Talking Richey's '92 seafoam green Honda Civic.

2) (un)reliable, as in you are not sure if it is reliable or unreliable. May by appearance seem unreliable, yet prove to be quite reliable. "Time will tell."

3) adjective to describe something or someone possessing the qualities of a chick magnet.
Primary source (as definition 2): "I will, at this point, venture a prediction that may or may not prove to be TTR Civic-esque." (Source: MC, Winter League '09 Smack Talk Forum, Nov. 22 2008)

Secondary source (as definition 3): "Puppies, babies, Orlando Bloom, and Brad Pitt - all are rather TTR Civic-esque this year on the red carpet." (Source: Joan Rivers, E!TV, Nov. 23 2008)
by Trash Talking Richey November 23, 2008
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