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A type of depressant (no, not Antidepressant) which is referred to as TODDb (pronounced Todd-b-uhh) or just TODD. It helps you to have enough guts to flirt with your ex-girlfriend whilst dating someone who you claim to love when you do not.


- you wish to keep your friends

- you don't wanna be considered a horrible person

Side Effects WILL Include:

- smelling like fish, because you're a hermaphrodite.

- dating lame stealing liars

- slowly transforming into an emo cookie cutter (which will be a later posted definition)

- having a life which may be referred to as an "epic fail"
Girl:: Im breaking up with you.. you've been a complete meany, and all you talk about is "not causing drama" when in fact.. thats all you do!

Boy:: It's not MY fault!! It's all because my doctor prescribed me this TODDb!!!
by Kaeganne Envy November 21, 2009
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