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A cultural spreading of an obsessive sickness (which usually strikes young girls or middle-aged mothers) that centers around the Twilight Saga created by Stephenie Meyer. With enough personal self-control, it is possible to heal, but some are forever succumbed and lost. TOD can relate to both the book characters and the portraying actors of the series.

For best possible chances of curing a TOD sufferer, make sure they stay away from all Twilight related merchandise and actors.
Normal friend - Are you alright? You didn't call me yesterday.
TOD sufferer - Sorry, I was reading Breaking Dawn again and I noticed something that was so weird because I hadn't ...
Normal friend - (runs away screaming) She's infected with TOD! Quick, everybody, run!

Fake Doctor Example:
Doctor - I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do. You have been diagnosed with TOD (Twilight Obsession Disease).
Patient - So?
Doctor - It's worse than I thought.
by DiseaseControl March 30, 2010
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