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TMCI is a serious disease. TMCI is only for serios matters and is to be taken offensively when made fun of. It stands for Too Much Cum Intake, (This can happen to male and females). When you are sucking on that fine cock, and you got that sweet white shit in your mouth, (cum) then they tell you to swallow. You do as you're told and swallow. Later that night or day depending on when you like suckin' snake, you get a tummy ache, this is a sign of TMCI then you start puking out cum. Congratulations you have been daignosed with my personal favorite STD and you can now regurgitate cum on command.
Person 1: "Did that gay pornstar just make cum out of his mouth in the first scene?"
Person 2: "Yeah I bet he has TMCI"
by MyDaddySaysYoureANigger August 28, 2016
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