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A person that drinks excessively has sex with any women he finds even if it mean flying half way around the world as long as she pays for it, and then farts on them as a thank you. Usually wakes up hung over off his ass.

This person also hates everyone and thinks the whole world is black and jewish and is the only person in the universe who can put a sentence together using only the word nigger.

He can usually be found knee deep somewhere in Rustess. Insulting the fags and dying alot then claiming he never dies, But when he does, he claims he looks "Damn good" while doing it.
TMA Killer: Glob what ya doing?

TMA Golobulus: I'm knee deep in Rustess killing niggers you fag, Now shut the fuck up I'm spilt my drink!!! AAAHHH Jews... he's niggering me!!!
by Donkedik November 20, 2006
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