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A tag originated in 2006 from a line in an Conor Oberst,
Bright Eyes song, TKWC stands for The Kid With the

Although there are replacements of what the
C can stand for. It's mostly used in accordance with
hustling, slinging, or doing a excessive amount of drugs
or chemicals. Also when involed with certain activites it
benefits by being safer to say instead of some obvious
supashady line.

Occasionally a person will refer to
themselves as a TKWC regardless they are a poser or
candy bandit & do not meddle in illegal loot antics.
Normally it used properly and at the right times within
More importantly outsiders will have no idea what your
talking about, & usually in fear of feeling stupid will not ask
the full word or realize the abreviation. So it's mint.
"How did you just get 200 dollars within 2 hours?"
'I Tkwc-ed that shit.'

'Like my new kicks bro?'
"Dude you have no job, where do you get this cake."
'I have a job, I'm the Tkwc.'
"Is that like..similar to Express or something?"
by B.B. TKWC May 29, 2009
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