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One of the best Nirvana songs, covered by Kurt Cobain acoustically on MTV Unplugged.
The song is satirically sung about David Geffen, their Record Executive and promoter, who was known at the time as a Marketing Genius.

Refers to when Kurt met with the big players of the Recording industry who control all the publicity and PR for the industry, someone who he both respected, hated and feared all at the same time.
He shot himself about a year later.
"Who knows, not me, they never lost control. Your face, to face, with the man who sold the world".......

"I have been revisiting the lyrics of Nirvana songs of late, they have taken on a whole new meaning for me.

I have been face to face with themanwhosoldtheworld"- Ally, former marketing exec., now long term ill and unemployed.
by allyknowswhotoavoid January 23, 2011
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