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The Elite Hitmen (3H for short), is a professional PS3 clan. This clan plays mainly CoD games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Hopefully, in the future, the clan will continue to be beasting on Black Ops II and future CoD franchise's.

This clan was founded in 2009 during Modern Warfare 2, when trackstar3862 and Impbrother came up an idea to start up a clan together. It wasn't until the release of Black Ops in 2010 when recruitment's for the clan really started to kick in. It was at this time that the clan started their first GameBattles team. With hard work and dedication they finished 9th place in the team ladder against pro teams and players.

Presently, the clan is growing everyday as the clan strives to get awesome clips, gameplays and montages for the YouTube community to watch. 3H has a steady 20 active clan members that are trying their best to entertain the fellow 3H fans.

YouTube career: THEELITEHITMEN3H opened up a YouTube channel on February 2012. The clan has been working very hard to get a sponsorship and partnership on YouTube. They currently have over 100 upload videos and an over 800 subscribers. The clan is growing everyday and they wish to someday be recognized by the whole CoD community.
CoD Gamer 1: Hey man did you seen the new THEELITEHITMEN3H video on YouTube?

CoD Gamer 2: Yeah man, those guys are so good at CoD.

CoD Gamer 3: They are my favorite CoD players of all time, you can't mess with them.

CoD Gamers 1 & 2: Agreed.
by Skilled 0ne September 30, 2012
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