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is when a guy is in the crab walk position and the Asian women is twirling around his dick, while singing upside down by jack johnson, and eating banana split ice cream from dairy queen (DQ), while the guy is getting a hot dog shoved up his ass by his brother who has been watching them do this very complicated procedure! and right when the man is about to spurt his wife walks in!! and when he does spurt he shoots her up like a geyser!! its pretty magical, trust me i've done it
Guy1: dude i was doing the amazon twister last night with with sexy Asian chick!, but now my wife is filing for a divorce!

Guy2: damn that sucks, but at least you fucked an Asian chick, they be tight

Guy1: yeah i know, i tore her walls down
by Hairy DickHead May 25, 2008
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